Must Haves to Make Vacation Memories Picture Perfect

Photography is my hobby and something I truly enjoy. When look back on my favorite pics, I am immediately transported to that time and place. Thanks to the invention of the camera phone, anyone can capture special – and some not so special – moments any time they want. However, I’m that person who likes to bring my “real” camera on trips. It allows me to capture higher quality images so I can create prints and/or photobooks of our trips.  

I’m also a traveler who likes to be prepared for anything but also wants to pack light, which are concepts usually at the opposite ends of the packing spectrum. So, I’ve learned to pack smart.  When it comes to camera accessories, below are a few essentials that I find make capturing those special moments a whole lot easier.

  1. Large camera backpack – This backpack has well cushioned, adjustable compartments where I store my DSLR camera body, multiple lenses, flashes, charging equipment, cables, etc. Important note:  If you’re a hobby photographer like me, take the time to think through what lenses and equipment you really need to bring with you.  Most international airports require passengers to take out ALL camera equipment for inspection.  That means the camera body, flashes, and lenses.  It’s a royal pain, so only pack what you will realistically use. 

  2. A sling-back camera bag – In an effort to pack light on my last trip, I opted out of bringing my sling-back camera bag. I IMMEDIATELY regretted it!  I didn’t need all the lenses with me on every excursion, and I wasn’t about to put my DSLR and lens in an unprotected tote or beach bag.  It was a photography fail in my book.  Don’t get me wrong, I took some great pics with simple camera phone, but certainly missed a few longer range ones that I could have only captured with my “real” camera.

  3. Portable tripod. Again, depending what I’m planning to photograph I choose what tripod to bring.  I found this small “octopus” tripod made for larger cameras (Like DSLRs) where the legs bend so you can adjust it to uneven surfaces and keep the camera stable.  It’s also light enough to attach it to the side of my sling-back. 

  4. Portable Octopus tripod with phone clip – This “octopus” tripod is made to hold smart phones so you can capture more natural looking “selfies” or group shots sans the arm extended out trying to get that perfect shot.

  5. Extra memory card for your camera – If you take a lot of pictures and videos like I do, then this is just a no brainer. You don’t want to have to go through and delete pictures or be forced to buy a memory card at a premium price while on vacation.

  6. Extra battery for your DSLR and/or Power Bank for your phone – I can use up the juice on my equipment fairly quickly, so having a spare is imperative.  Camera batteries are small and light, and Power Banks come in slim sizes with enough juice to charge an iPhone a few times over.

What are some of your essential items that help you capture your special moments? 

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Happy Travels!

The Travel Time Essentials Team.

 Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash


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