Top 3 Luggage Organizer Favorites


The solutions below make my favorites list as they make packing and traveling so much easier!

  1. Luggage Packing Cubes – I used to meticulously pack my family’s clothing in a particular order to avoid the inevitable scrounging around for that needed item. How well do you think that strategy worked? A tornado would have done less damage than my kids (and, dare I mention, my spouse).  With luggage packing cubes, I can organize by traveler and category, and keep the laundry separate too. I typically use one whole set per large luggage. 
  1. Toiletry Organizer – Keeping toiletries together helps you and your travel companions find needed items with less effort. I hate digging through luggage pockets trying to remember which item I placed where. If you are carrying liquids, look for toiletry organizers that are lined with plastic to prevent spills. For the ladies out there, I highly recommend having a separate organizer for your make-up!

  2. Electronic Accessories OrganizerA sturdy, cushioned organizer can help secure all cable wires and protect delicate electronics. In a pinch, a Ziploc bag can come in handy.  However, cables and earphone wires will still get tangled up and the flimsy plastic doesn’t prevent items from getting banged around.

Do these items make your list, or do you have other favorites?  We'd love to hear from you so please leave your comments.

Happy traveling!

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