Top 5 Must Haves for Air Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, these five items will make your airline travel effortless, comfortable, and dare I say enjoyable. 

  1. Portable luggage scale. This little gadget comes with me on all my trips since all airlines charge overweight fees that can range from $50-100 per bag. Be prepared! International carriers may have different weight requirements and can be stricter in enforcing. Make sure you check each airline’s website for weight (and size) restrictions for both carry-on and checked in luggage.  I learned this hard way, when I switched to a local airline carrier in Greece and my carry-on was overweight.  Avoid the hassle and the fees – pack to the most restrictive weight requirements in advance.

  2. Always bring a carry-on bag with a full change of clothes for all travelers. This sounds like common sense, but you would be surprised how many people don’t do this. Even if you are traveling on a short haul flight, it is a good idea to have a change of clothes handy in a small tote or duffle bag.  So, so many examples I can provide here – from baby vomit to Montezuma’s revenge – but I’ll spare you the drama!   

  3. Power banks for your phone and other devices. Surprisingly, some of the largest airport terminals are not always equipped with working charging stations.  On a recent business trip, the terminal had upgraded to seats equipped with USB ports, but had not installed the needed electricity.  Talk about an upgrade fail. The short-haul plane likewise had no USB charging ports, so I had to shut my phone to save any remaining charge for when I landed.

  4. Noise canceling earphones. Whether you are on an airplane or commuting to work in a crowded subway, this gadget helps maintain your calm and sanity!  Just remember to charge your phone or have item #3 handy!

  5. Microfleece travel blanket. Maybe it’s just me, but I am always cold in the airplane since they tend to crank up the A/C.  Even though I always carry a hoodie or jacket, it’s simply not enough. The airline sells blankets that you can buy, but I’d rather have my own that I know has been properly laundered.

Do these items make your list or do you have different ones? We'd love to hear from you so please leave your comments.

Happy traveling!

The Travel Time Essentials Team



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